Kasturee: A Story by Mousumee Baruah

Kasturee and her husband chose Cheerapunji in Meghalaya; for their honeymoon. Cherrapunji, is the wettest place in the world, with incessant rainfalls, known for green valleys, meandering rivers, and captivating cascading waterfalls.

Her husband has booked a room at a resort, near the famous Nohsngithian Falls. This falls is listed under the top ten waterfalls of India. The views of the sunset and sunrise are breathtaking near the falls, basking in the beauty of nature.

Kasturee looked at the crystalline waterfalls from the window cascading down through the pristine Khasi hills, also listening to the sonorous rhythm of the rain, lilting chirps of red-vented Bulbul. Soft breezes occasionally tap the window pane, creating an alluring orchestra all around.

Sipping a cup of brewing coffee, Kasturee is contemplating her arranged marriage. Many of her friends thought arranged marriage lacks chemistry. Most of her friends had dated guys during their varsity days. Some married their lovers, while a few dumped each other. Kasturee wonders if true love exists in the materialistic world. She dislikes the hypocrisy of loving somebody, then marrying someone because of financial security. She has seen her friend Ayesha who had dated Mihir
during college days and how Mihir happily used to pay the canteen bills, hosting her birthdays. Then to everyone’s surprise, Ayesha married a gazetted government officer dumping Mihir, who was devastated with a broken heart.

Kasturee felt genuinely sorry for Mihir. Kasturee knows how people prefer private English medium schools over government schools but as far as getting a job is concerned, people prefer government jobs over private jobs.

So, when she was written off as unfit for today’s capitalist society by her relatives, Mr. Abhay Vohra came with a marriage proposal for her with his son. She accepted her son, as she knows his son may not be a big government officer but as a human being, he is good.

Her flow of thoughts was interrupted by her husband.

“Kasturee, are you happy with your decision to marry me?”

“Yes, I am happy as I am not coming with extra luggage, there is no guilty feeling in me, so far I am not hurting anyone,” Kasturee said.

“What type of luggage you meant to say, “her husband jokes.

“You know” Kasturee quips.

” Do you think true love exists?”Her husband endearingly asked her.

“No idea, but every woman is not greedy and also every man is not bad” Kasturee smiles.

Her husband becomes emotional.

During varsity days, he wasted his time wooing Ayesha!

Like a musk, deer Kasturee does not know how fragrant and emphatic she is! That she can give a new lease of life to the broken heart.

Her husband is now mature enough to realize that there are two types of human beings. One who gives and one who only takes!!!!

And one who gives they flow, like an unbridled waterfall. Their hearts and souls tune with each other creating a symphony of love.