Karma: A Story by Roopali Saxena

To understand karma we first have to accept that souls take many incarnations on earth as told in our venerable scripture “Bhagwat Gita” Vani of Krishna. The Yogi being the incarnation of Vishnu, the preserver. The purpose of incarnation is to nullify the karma and escape from the cycle.
As we get incarnated into a human body, we accumulate karma with our deeds and attachments. We then get in tangled and stuck as the loop forms. It goes round and round repeating itself, unless we overcome it through forgive forgiveness, acceptance, repentance and by detaching ourselves. As soon as we learn the reason of entanglement, we are released with a snap.
There are four types of karma-
1. Sanchit
2. ⁠Prarabdh
3. ⁠Present
4. ⁠Agami
When we are born, we use some of our Sanchit Karma. This is because we cannot sustain all of our Sanchit Karma in one lifetime. We are not only born with our bad karma but also our good karma. You only nullify your prarabdh Karma in the current lifetime. The karma of a current lifetime can be nullified in the same lifetime if understood and worked upon. Whereas the prarabdh Karma is nullified over many lifetime and takes more time as we have no memory of the past incarnations. Karma can be created by a number of namely, thinking, communicating and executing. As we sow so we reap.
This essentially means you get as you do no matter which incarnation but you have to pay for your deeds good for good, bad for bad. But once you master your own life, you can have karma without attachment. You are now free from all karma and rebirth. You then progress into a higher world.