The rains had been relentless for a couple of days. When it finally stopped raining that evening, Sameer decided to go for a run in the park. Just as he started running, it started drizzling again. It wasn’t enough to dampen Sameer’s spirits though, as he continued to run. Half an hour later, when he had completed his run, he decided to walk a few rounds before returning home.

“Hi Sam!” Called his friend, Arnav.

“Mind if I walk with you?”

“You’re most welcome! Let’s walk together for some time.”

 The friends started walking and talking. A few minutes later, Sameer noticed an old man with an umbrella in one hand and a bucket in the other. Sam was intrigued, so continued to observe the old man. The man stopped near a group of plants and placed the bucket down. There was water in the bucket and a mug inside it. The old man filled some water in the mug and watered the plants, while keeping himself dry using the umbrella. He then repeated the watering process for a few more plants.

Sameer laughed hysterically.

“Why are you laughing?” Asked Arnav.

“See that old man?” asked Sameer pointing towards the old man. “It’s been raining for two days; in fact, it’s still drizzling and that old man is watering the plants!”

“Really?” Asked Arnav and they observed the old man for a few minutes.

“You know Sam, let’s go and talk to him.”


“I think there might be something more to it than merely watering the plants,” said Arnav with a straight face.

Sameer stopped laughing, he realised his friend had a point.

They walked up to the old man.

“Good evening, uncle,” greeted Arnav.

“Good evening,” he replied.

“We are curious to know what you are doing.”

“Well, in the rainy season, the soil remains damp most of the time. Some of these plants become susceptible to fungal diseases. So, I have made this antifungal concoction in water for these plants, to keep them protected,” replied the old man pointing towards the bucket. He then continued his activity as usual.

Sameer was embarrassed; he realised he had been judgemental.

“You see, Sameer,” said Arnav softly, “we often get judgemental about things and people without first trying to understand the truth. When something is beyond our reasoning, it’s best to try and understand it before passing a judgement.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.”

The old man then turned around and asked, “It’s been raining for two days, why would you think I will water the plants?”

“I’m sorry uncle,” said Sameer. “I was the one who judged without asking.”

“It’s okay,” smiled the old man. “I guess we all learned a valuable lesson today.”

Zeyd Ladha