Joy of Little Things

         What is this life if full of care,

         We have no time to stand and stare

        –William Henry Davies

The rigmarole of life has entrapped us. Huffing, puffing in our struggle we are missing small joys of life. The vicious circle of school, college, career, matrimony, maternity engages us. The cut-throat competition in contemporary life has gained alarming proportion. No sooner is a child born than the parents start planning the itinerary. The child must converse in chaste English, excel in academics, outshine in co-curricular activities and grab a plum career. In the mad pursuit we seldom enjoy the milestones.

What is important – winning or participation? Stage appearance, facing the audience – that is what counts. Small achievements do matter. Applaud your child’s efforts. My child may not be a Picasso, yet the dainty Mother’s Day card is priceless. Everyone cannot be a topper. Mediocrity too qualifies for appreciation.

Urbanization has shrunk our green spaces. Skyscrapers have marred our aerial vision. House birds, butterflies, bees etc are on the verge of extinction. Fret not. We still can enjoy marvel of nature in miniature form in pots in our balcony or terrace. A tinny shoot wiggling from the soil, a new leaf uncurling delicately, a bud blossom, a bloom springing its head in wanton ecstasy are gratifying and elating experience.

Tiny shower droplets fall as benign blessing. Feel the rain on your face. Switch off your gizmos and witness His glory as the sun sinks and spreads a pallet across the sky. Enjoy the fading lights. The divine kaleidoscope as the blue sky turns from azure to purple to black percolates to the soul. Small wonders of His grace are marvelous.

Share a chocolate with an urchin at the traffic signal. The twinkle in the eyes and instant smile is a rewarding, humbling experience. Little deeds of kindness, small humane gestures are soothing balm in the strife ridden tumultuous journey of life.

Little deeds leave mighty impression on the sands of time.

Suruchi Kalra Choudhary