When I was young, I sought love from others,

Thinking validation would satisfy like no other.

I molded myself to meet their expectations,

Believing it would bring me joyous elation.

But oh, how wrong I was in my chase,

For no matter how many masks I’d embrace,

It was never enough, a futile endeavor,

To find love in others that I’d endlessly tether.

But in my naiveté, I couldn’t foresee,

That love starts within, it begins with me.

So I embarked on a journey, with myself in sight,

Embracing each version, even the darkest night.

And oh the liberation, unapologetically sweet,

To love the imperfect, even the parts I retreat.

Some days I falter, feeling dispirited and frail,

Longing for warmth, for someone to unveil.

But then there are days, my spirit aflame,

Overflowing with love, ready to proclaim.

The boundless affection that resides in my core,

Ready to shower the world, the love to explore.

For in our humanness, it’s not a straight line,

With ups and downs, like a seesaw’s design.

A messy journey, a work in progress we tread,

Learning to love ourselves, like never before spread.