In My Dreams: A Poem by Sujata Dash

In my dreams brooks babble, breezes softly skim
joy and happiness murmur in nature’s quiescent hymn
In the quaint grasp of sunshine and shade
triumphant life unfolds ebullience
lets mind converse in the hush of quiet
ripples of thoughts weave a pattern in my dreams
bind both silence and chaos in a tapestry of subtleties
at times dream remains resolute and unswerving
at times forays into life’s deeper meanings
a sanctuary from raucous squalls it concedes
titillates my subdued soul to indulge in generous gig
dream is incorrigible, wanton and wild
yet it is soul’s ride to fathom …
the deepest pockets of actualities
In my dreams… all verdant patches of secret desires
sprout from the deeper recesses of stupor
rejig my erstwhile confidence and boost living once more.