In My Dreams: A Poem by Dr. Balesh Jindal

I tried to stitch the ranting rents
On the cirrus clouds and
Ran hither to slow the savage storm
Rushing thither to thwart the

I cried and wailed to stop the
Tumultuous tides
And pleaded with the sun to stop
It’s belligerent blazing
Scorching all.

I scurried to stretch the sky to
Shield you from rain
Scuffling to collect the nascent
Sprightly spring
for you to behold its beauty.

I breathed in all perfumes of fall
Intense from my random, reckless steps
And held them for you.
Twined the spray of summer songs
In my tattered scarf.

Pleated up the rainbows from
Many seasons.
All done, joyously,
I waited for you.
In my dreams!