Immortal fire: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Vibrant fire, an immortal symbol of life that infuses hope 
And thaws the coldness that sojourns in the restive soul 

The deliberate fire exemplifies inevitable death rituals
When funeral pyres are kindled to bid adieu to the departed

Fire represents illumination as it burns in eternal flame
Consuming impurities and dazzling the numbing darkness

It holds symbolism in prayers, as candles are lit in a church
Or they burn in memorium and in prayers for the deceased

A conflagrant fire, destroyer that devours the unrighteous hungrily
And the raging fire symbolizes God’s indignant wrath

A spirited fire rekindles quiescent passion and desires
As the flames flicker and dance as if in eternal love

A tempestuous fire oft burns within, of vengeance and anger

Like burning inferno, engulfing everything in its path mercilessly 

The fire flashes into existence in red, yellow and orange autumnal hues 
And glowing embers twirl in a fiery dance 

Eternal blaze gives a symbolic meaning to resurrection 
When the Phoenix burned himself but sprang back to life out of ashes 

Fire flickers, flares, leaps, spats and lazily smoulders 
And eventually diminishes to mere cinders shrouded in ash