If I were a cloud: An article by Namita Sunder

From the balcony of our home-stay, we could see small patches of fields and some trees sloping down and resting on the tops of the trees, who stood there, feet firmly planted somewhere deep down in the valley. Beyond that, long stretch of green mountains rose to reach high in the sky. Layers and layers of mountain ranges stretched far and high. On this perfectly set stage entered those feather feet blithe dancers, soft white clouds. At one moment they rushed in large group swirling, whirling, bursting with energy and in a blink of eyes stage got cleared. High, elegant, strong mountains stood vibrating under the impact of stupendous, energetic performance. And then from far off corner drifted in another group slowly, gracefully, rhythmically. They floated in the outstretched arms of the hill, nestling in the comfort of their solidity. The lightness of their movement, the softness of their mudras, as if could be touched. We stood there mesmerized by the magnificent, exquisite show of feathery clouds. Then some fluffy ones entered flying on their wings and sat perched on the tips of peaks as if savoring in the vistas and then slowly moved away to their far-off destinations. And then there were some, almost transparent ones, soft light filtering into their being. They entered with hesitant steps, as if not ready to face the world and then quietly dissolved into thin air. We soaked in this uninterrupted show until the darkness descended from the sky and colored everything around uniformly. What a beautiful, uplifting and liberating experience it was! that night snuggled in the cozy warmth of the blanket I slept floating in the company of those ethereal clouds, dreaming as if I was one among them, wishing if I were a cloud.