I Woke Up One Morning: A Poem by Neha Gupta

I woke up one morning
To see the beauty around me in everything
The flowers, the thorns, the bugs that are crawling
To bathe in the early morning rays
Emerging from the grey clouds, the breathtaking blaze

I woke up one morning
To see the diminishing line between you and me
There is no separation; we are drops of the sea
To trust you the same way I trust myself
To be amazed by the way love prevails

I woke up one morning
To know that I don’t own anything
I am just a trusty who cares for things
I am here to give; there is nothing to attain
Neither to bring any change, nothing to complain

I woke up one morning
To realize that I am here to dispel all doubts
To stay in the truth within and without
To embrace the effortless living
Seeking inspiration from the buds in the mud blooming