I Wish For: A Poem by Sujata Dash

Travelling back and forth
in time’s linear and circular motion
is something …I ardently wish for
for, palpating tomorrows , leaning on yesteryears
shall fetch me undulating expanse of perspective
breathe life into tiny sparks of freedom
chime in harmony in discordance, pleasure in chaos
I tingle with frank desire to soak myself evenly
in the warmth of gone by and susurrations of future
I shall revel in subtle whispers of time’s promises
quelling drunken incoherence of extravagant gestures
chuckling over every deliciously convoluted phrase
utterances frozen in the cubicle of yesteryears
I shall try mend my nuances, muscle poetic imagination
Indulge in impish delight lending credence to my core.