I Know You Care: A Poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

O’ today I am writing a letter to you my beloved,
To express that I love you very much,
Read these verses as if I am sitting with you,
Listen to my heartbeats which beat for you

O’ my ‘amour’, your love is something special,
Each and every moment it brings a miracle,
I get mesmerized and drowned in its nectar
It blooms in my life’s garden like a blooming flower!

Warm hugs, sweet kisses, and cuddling,
Like a diamond, my eyes start glittering,
The face starts smiling without any reason,
Feet start dancing in a lovable ocean!

I cherish a paradise embraced in your arms,
I forget the whole world lost in love charm,
Raindrops appear to be like love showers,
Deserts also appear to be green forever!

You are my life, I love you my ‘amour’,
You have given me a reason to live my dear,
I know my dear, forever, you are there,
I know how much you care.