Hope: A poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

Four letter word; yet deep meaning it beholds,
Around which this entire world revoĺves,
O’ it is an enlightening candle in the gloom of despair,
Ah! Hope is being positive even if everything is unfair!

O’ look, the sun rises crossing darkness of gloomy night,
Hoping for a new morning to come with day bright, 
A rose staying among thorns still hoping to survive,
A lotus blooms even in murk with hope and smile!

O’ leaves and petals bear autumn hoping for spring,
A bird flies high with a hope spreading its wings,
Spider knits its web having hope even after falling again,
A soldier fights till last breathe hoping for the win of the nation!

Hope is the key that open locks of success,
Hope is an inspiration in failure and distress,
Hope for the best; you will perceive the best,
Most of the time life takes our test!

O’ let this candle of hope be always enlightened,
It is hope only that let’s live life till the end,
Hope is a fuel that keeps one alive,
Who knows when will death knock otherwise!!