Honesty: A poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

In a fine morning, I went out
My intention was to search for honesty
To know it’s genesis, to grasp it’s synthesis, to prove it’s a hypothesis
But to my utter disregard
Nowhere I could find honesty in its totality
Honesty is now a misnomer
It’s there in books, ethical treaties
Like rain in the  month of April
It is seen seldom, very rare
Its rareness multiplies its demand
Its remnants are found  among all, rich and poor
Beggar and benevolent, propertied persons, sages and even among persons branded as  antisocials
Its presence keeps us all in good temperament
It’s the highest value sans any ifs and buts
It’s one of the values on which rests our future
It keeps us going, leading life with virtues
It’s lacking makes us insane, we become beasts
Its cultivation is very tough but not impossible
Like a spark, it appears in us, dazzles our life
Its adherence in all times makes life sublime