Highway : A poem by Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

The serpentine highways melting into the horizon,
Separated by a seam of contempt and derision,
The tarred highway littered with gazillion stars,

Those unending seams led to verbal wars.

My wobbly gait at the left end of the road,
While you languidly stand at the right to share the workload,
Oh! Darling Why the societal regulation divided us?
I still wail at the hemmed boundaries of the abandoned bus!

The highway looks strenuous without your rapturous hand,
The lines stretched into infinity into a hinterland,
While I try to juxtapose my recondite emotions with happy moments,
I wish I could overshadow the stirred foment. 

Can we not crossover the dividing prejudices one last time?
Etch a flowery tale with a mellifluous tune, 
Can we not stitch the loose ends of life with endless love?
Shorten the distance by glistening sunshine from above.

Tethered to hope, I take the highway of life,
With rapture, dissolving the internal strife.
Hope this time you will cover the distance with me,
The egoistic frictions will melt away as ‘I’ becomes we!