Her smile is an asset: A poem by Sujata Chatterjee

Behold her joyful cheerful smile
Your heart will stop just for a while
Her smile is a jolly bubbling brook
From every cranny and corner you may look.
Her smile is just a sunshine ray
Her curving lips like a grand bouquet
Sparkling on the window sill
With fun and laughter does it fill.
Her smile is like a lightning flash
Beyond the dark sky it does dash
Between the drops of rain that falls
Over her upturned lips that calls.
Her smile like a moonbeam bright
Silvery rays in the sky at night
Her eyes that twinkle like the stars
Intoxicating like the drinks in the bars.
Her smile is an asset, you should know
An ache in countenance, when she does show
Her smile eases all her pain
And brings back the life in her again.