Goddess: A Poem by Sujata Dash

Each day each night
I try to invoke the holy spirit
not because I adore deification
but to arouse puissance and focus
combat daily dose of skirmish
that life unceremoniously throws at me

I sulk by its appalling reality
but the goddess in me consolidates in no time
I rise like the phoenix of yore
allowing a whole gaggle of gusto to sneak in
I act more like the resolute sun
in fighting darkness and spreading wings

my grip on living by embracing galloping mindset
helps farming arid wilderness of time
leaves me mesmerized to cuddle enchanting vibes
from somber state I stage a comeback
secure my rightful berth and teem with vivacity

the long cherished desire to hone and chisel self
overrides pangs of fear and uncertainty
as I seize a definite purpose to life.