Forever Valentine: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

From days to weeks and months now, we had shared an immutable bond;
Won’t be smitten by one another, even under the spell of the magic wand.
But one fine day, when he was not around;
I felt an emptiness, I could not expound.
So I gave him a tinkle, as it was onerous to pretend
I was under this enigmatic spell, in love with my best friend.

I tried not to sound too timorous and nervy;
Though I was vehemently going topsy turvy.
I said I want Valentine’s present from you this time;
It’s not friendship day I know, but I hear the bells chime.
I sipped some water as if it might help me speak;
I felt so frail and fragile, I had never felt so weak.

He said nothing, though I could feel his smile;
The tickle in my tummy was escalating all the while.
As he promised to be there in minutes ten or eleven;
Heat colored my cheeks red, my being was at sixes and seven.

Before I could lay bare my vulnerable heart, as he reached my place;
Walking in with the gift of love, he took me into his warm embrace.
Before I could tell him that I wanted him to be mine;
He whispered softly into my ears ‘Please be my forever Valentine’.