Footsteps: A Poem by Khushboo Yadav

In this world of hatred and selfishness.
Every heart needs love and compassion to flourish.
When terror and fear depress our hearts.
Follow the footsteps of sages that give us comfort.
Those who have sacrificed their lives for truth and religion.
With perseverance and devotion they fulfill their vision.
Who never hurt tender heart.
Follow the footsteps of those whose fragrance remain even after they depart.
Follow the footsteps of Buddha and Jesus great sages.
With enlightenment they saved humans at every stage.
Who transformed lives with wisdom.
With their enlightenment souls soar in freedom.
Those who shower only selfless love.
Who helps even downtrodden to rise above.
Like a lotus they bloom above mud and dirt.
Follow the footsteps of those who gave many a new birth.