Footpath of My Dreams: A Poem by Amita Raj

(Acrostic Poem)

Fearlessly sprawls before me a walkway of wonder
Oasis painted by a glowing surge of soulful splendor
Overflowing in auspicious outbursts above my quagmire
Tourmaline-hued tiaras crowning me from the sun’s fire
Portraits of beauty I color from seas of my each reverie
Aureate are smiles of my every daring dream’s destiny
Titillating are the leafy trees along this alluring avenue
Harnessing sweet nothings amidst their lush verdant hue
Orange blossoms float around like a bride’s veil in white
Flooding my journey, shimmering in sheer diamond light
Melodious mynas dance, shaping golden castles in the air
Yellow-beaked ducks quacking, waddling in comedic flair
Dark visions then suddenly descend, in dull dismal cloud
Rushing from chilling crevices of life, my path to shroud
Eerie are they, my painted portraits to taint and torment
Anxious to ravage my life again although on grief I’m spent
My dreams luckily then take over, bold beacons of my footpath
Shaping magically in elegant elixir all my joy, tears, and wrath!