Festival of Colors: A Poem by Manisha Amol

A festival that invites the spring closer
Thereby signaling the end of winter
The harvest season being round the corner
A celebratory mood all over

The roaring bonfire soars high
When appeased with offerings and the likes
While dancing flame flickers with the wind
Happy emotions stoke the embers
‘Holika Dahan’-victory of good over evil
Is the thought behind this drill

Vibrant colors smeared on each other
‘Bhaang’ and ‘Thandai’ add to the splendor
As we splash love and laughter
Happily celebrate with fun and fervor

A vibrant festival with a riot of colors
Time to forget past hatred, unwanted fear
An occasion to mend it and repair
To nurture the relationship deeper
Echoes of laughter pervades the atmosphere
Never loses its charm year after year