Family: A poem by Sheela S. Iyer

It’s hard to describe in few words you see
My family is small, but world to me.
Love never ends, it’s in the heart
Love of family remains, even when you depart.
A gift from god absolutely priceless
When your family is around, you can live fearlessly.
A great bond between siblings forever
There is loads of love and care for each other.
Family is the essence of life, forever caring
No tears and joy are worthy if you are not sharing.
You earn fame, you earn money,
But, nothing is precious than a family.
You part ways; sometimes even stop talking
But, the memories will never fade, isn’t that amazing?
This is a strong bond that will never die
We may live far from home, but hard to say goodbye.
The essence of the joint family may have faded
It has been replaced by nuclear families, but not degraded.
Living together or away does not really matter
The bond and love for each other should not shatter.