Fading Footprints: A Poem by Banani Sikdar

Crossing junctions and intersections of life,
My cargo loaded with invaluable caskets,
Yet slipping through finger gaps in unfathomable depths
Of trenches and ditches,
Worth invaluable turning tarnished, blurry.
Heavenly parents, staked it all for me, my well-being wholesome,
Two framed pictures, chance dreams, uncanny glimpses,
Of my foremost guardian angels,
Time undeterred, fogging visages to obscurity.
Gasping, I seek solace in their fading footprints.
Utter joy witnessing kids grow up,
Yet growth robs away the essence of innocence so precious,
Emotions often backfire, my children no more children, look precocious,
Ruthless time scowling, the road rolls traces of care and concern.
Friends, huge lifeline, compulsive, the utmost necessity of yesteryears,
Are but names, images, technology pasted,
Fun, frolic, days carefree, sweet reminiscences still tap dancing,
Hitting the floor very gently, devoid of usual juvenile gusto.
Peeping grey, wrinkles, and crowfeet remind constantly,
Youth are short-lived, myth-like, elusive footprints getting distant ever.
Customs, traditions, culture, civilization, mere terminologies,
Life, a treadmill, gasping for survival on untrodden paths innumerable.
Even so, my last resort, the paths, trodden, reliable,
Footprints fading though, yet are sure marks, sustenance infallible.