Eventide: A Poem by Manisha Amol

Standing alone at the beach,
Reminiscing good old days in solitude,
To unfurl the sacred secrets,
Shared in those golden moments.

Sun-kissed sea waves splashing,
Exuding the same warmth as her touch,
Feet ankle deep-rooted in the sand,
Expectant eyes looking up to the horizon.

A pristine soul enveloped in beauty captivating,
Eventide rendezvous at the beach breathtaking,
Her wafting fragrance around so calming,
Flipping pages of the memoir imagining.

The presence of her fiesty demeanor,
Transporting me to a paradise of love.
Memories vividly fleeting past my mind so clear,
Ushering in a new hope mingled with fear.

Skyline is changing its contours and hues!
I am mulling on my life’s vicissitudes and muse,
Leading a directionless life in a recluse,
Reality dappled with fantasy in a ruse!