ALS Performing Arts community organized Mother’s Day Special Musical Celebration.

This Mother’s Day, the ALS Performing Arts community organized a musical celebration. Singers from different cities participated in this event. Participants Ms. Shalini Mathur (Noida), Mr. Anil Kumar Srivastava (Bokaro), Dr. Minal (Aligarh), Ms. Uma Natarajan (Ratnam), Ms. Anita Chand (New Delhi), Dr. Bishakha Sarma (Greater Noida West), Mr. Venkat Balantrapu (Chennai), Ms. Meenakshi Bhasin (New Delhi), Ms. Surabhi Ashish Kumar (Meerut), Mr. Rajeev Moothedath (Bangalore), Mr. Arvind Patole (Pune), and Ms. Indrani Chatterjee (Bangalore) won applause from the community members.

Mr. Manoj Krishnan (Founder, ALS) thanked all participants and ALS Performing Arts Community members for their participation and support.

ALS Mother’s Day Special Musical Celebration received a warm response from viewers who applauded ALS Performing Arts and its initiatives.

ALS Performing Arts is a vibrant platform to showcase singing, music, dance, and acting talent.

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