Ebb and Flow of Life: A Poem by Mousumee Barauah

In an aureate meadow.
With my bosom shadow
Dipped in golden moments, we sway to and fro,  like a reed and  hay
Together we see life’s neutrality, gloom, and gay
Like a  weary reaper wearing an auburn braid.
Yearn to drench our  tresses, we gazed at  the sky for a soothing rain
Whispering with wind who defies boundaries…
Emanating memories of life’s posies and worries.
Me and my shadow ride and play  see-saw
With thrills and loud guffaws.
Upward and downward.
We balance our life’s penalty and reward.
 Me and my shadow play swings…
Holding tight with euphoria the jute string.
High and low, to and fro.
We equate life’s shrink and grow
And after dusk, we wait for silvery luna.
To quill verse struck by her aura.
In the moonlight, looking at the seas ebb and flow.
We see our reflection, our rise, fall, and glows.