Eastern Fragrances: An Anthology of Poems

Asian Literary Society (ALS) was started in 2017 to promote Asian art, culture, and literature all over the world. With over 100,000 members and followers across all ALS communities in more than 100 countries, ALS has successfully provided a vibrant and riveting platform for artists and writers from all over Asia, where they get an equal opportunity to hone their skills, participate, and showcase their talent.

ALS has promoted mutual understanding and collaboration among community members through its series of events resulting in overwhelming participation in its cultural and social initiatives. It also regularly organizes programs for special needs and indigenous communities as part of its endeavours to serve the society at large.

One of our community-driven initiatives is bringing writers and poets from all over Asia together on a common platform, and coming up with literary collaborations and projects.

In “Eastern Fragrances: An Anthology of Poems”, fifty-four poems of eighteen poets have been included.  These poets are from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, UAE, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

This book will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.