Earth: An article by Azucena Libiran Gonzales


Neither historical nor scientific data deal with the absolute origin of everything, the deepest, the ultimate meaning of our existence. Could science refute the beautiful manners of creations, only the most intelligent and powerful being had dominion?

The earth willed its existence by the loving power of God. It is the third planet from the sun and the only object in the universe known to harbor life. It is the space where we all dwell. Distinct races abiding in dissimilar countries, which are only small parts of the earth.

Astronauts who took pictures of the earth while in space described earth as a large, heavy globe.  Everything around the earth, living and non-living supports the Supreme Maker’s creatures. The land made of rocks and soils; water, mostly in oceans and seas. Needless to say, the air we breathe, is all around us. Plants and animals breathe in air, too. With all elements, arrays, and resources, these covered the earth surface.
The words, “let there be”, which God repeatedly said on each creative day (Genesis), implied that creation is a free act of God, we are here not by chance.

Only human beings, of all God’s creatures, are formed in His image and likeness, the ultimate basis why every person should be respected. As we are empowered to take possession of the earth and its resources, great responsibility comes. Obedience He sought, thus, all things on earth must be used according to His will.
As responsible stewards, take care, keep clean our home. Preserve our forests. Desist from chopping down trees, destroying watersheds, polluting surroundings and other things causing negative effects on natural resources and our lives.

Upon renewing this planet, realize that earth is a beautiful place to live in. Hence, the need for human cooperation to continue God’s creative works and all elements of good life, “let there be”.