Drops of Agony: A poem by Anjana Prasad

Grey nebulous clouds overshadow the blue skies
tempests enshroud the earth,
I sigh as you pound against my window.

Ah! the darkness engulfs my heart
flooding my mind with chaos 
the heavens swell ‘n and hell rains upon us.

With your voracious downpour 
you devour cities and villages with
a rage so diabolical. 

The earth embodying the pits of Tartarus 
have mercy, for the stars have sunk in the skies
like a day without night, a night without dawn.

As you ascend you’ve shattered dreams ‘n hopes
you’ve lost your rhapsody, rhythm ‘n fragrance
let the autumn bloom have some solace.

O’ roaring hovering clouds hark
the tides must ebb lest the oceans drown

O’ rain, O’ rain go away before the world is swept away.