Somewhere between the waking and sleeping

Across the star spangled sky

Winged fairies of dreams come

Whispering a sweet lullaby

Painting vivid scenes of worlds 

Unknown to my physical eyes

With endless possibilities 

They color up my inner skies

Rivers, mountains, meadows

And clear streams they paint

With colorful flowers lining the lawns 

Of a cloudy castle quaint

I weave my way through the lanes 

Of this ethereal land

Resting over cushioned clouds

Gazing magical rainbow bands

Here I touch the sky with ease

And party with the stars 

Waltz with Venus by my side

And converse with Moon and Mars

Music fills the air 

Like the fragrance of spring

In this ambrosial ambience 

Time flies, as the fairies flit and sing

As the night darkens further

I move on in wonder 

Thinking what brings to life

This vibrant world in slumber 

Thinking so I slide 

Into an abyss deep

Until the soft light of dawn

Wakes me from my sleep

I wake up to reality, thankful for the dreams

For even though they’re fleeting

They light up the darkness 

And  the night colorful seems

In my work through the day

I look forward to that phase

When the world goes to sleep

And I awaken to dreams, unveiling their face.

© Jyoti Prateek