Dreams: A Poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

Unlock the power of your dreams and follow a star
Advance confidently in the direction of your cherished wishes
Endeavor to reach them, no matter how hard and far
Dreams know how to fly; spread your wings, bring out your best.
Dreams require an entrance into the arena of actions
Keep toiling on; it takes one to new heights and horizons
Victory isn’t possible without matching efforts, perseverance and motivation
Dreams become fact if we act with burning wish and passion.
Every person alive is filled with goals and dreams
They’re part of life and human nature as everyone deems
Dreams dominate our lives; without them, our lives would seem empty
Dreams are hope to a lot of us; our visions and destiny.
What prompts one to strive with will power and determination?
Dreams are the fuel that energize and keep your life gleams
Without dreams, you’ll be nowhere if you indulge in illusion
So hitch your wagon to a star; that’s the power of dreams.