Dear Life: A Poem by Vasudha Pansare

Dear life, you are so precious,
So profound, so simple, so complicated;
You are filled with little moments of joy,
And you have given me plenty of sorrows.

Dear life, sometimes you are full of hope,
Sometimes with you, I cannot cope,
You have made me desperate,
And I have surrendered to my fate.

Dear life, sometimes you make me
Touch the sky, and at other times
You throw me into a bottomless valley,
Where the sun doesn’t shine.

Dear life, you are a rollercoaster ride,
Thrilling, terrifying and exhilarating,
Some moments of sublime bliss,
And some moments of desolate grieving.

Dear life, with you I have lived through
All seasons, spring, summer, autumn, winter,
Torrential rain I have suffered,
Flooding my heart with the deepest anger.

Dear life, whatever you are,
I love you, I find you incomparable,
And inspite of all the struggle,
I think you are memorable.