Dancing Lilies: A Poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

Sometimes I find it hard to pen a piece
Overturning my perplexed, gloomy thoughts I couldn’t unleash
So I pondered over, a stroll around the amusement park
Seeking to swerve my verse with a spark.

The alluring gaiety from the merry-go-round
Indeed amused me as I wandered around
But my fondest one that I most gazed upon
The rows of flowers adorned on the ground.

The lovely sight of dancing lilies brings ease
With rainbow colors, swaying in the winter breeze
Enchanting, adorable lilies truly enthralled my heart
Like graceful balloons, swinging lively and smart.

The colorful blooms convey a cheerful indication
Right around the corner comes the spring season
A scene to behold; drifts away gloom and unpleasant fret
Yet a delightful moment broke off, curtailed by the sunset.

Ecstatic phrases, passionately I sought as poetic inspiration
But pleasant lines seem ephemeral; a fleeting tone
Descent of the sun threw gloom as dancing lilies end their show
I started to walk home; doleful wail I can hardly let go.