Come, Join us

Its branches rose high above the ground, way beyond the moss covered forest floor. A majestic tree, old as time, frisky as the children playing in the shade it offered, on hot blustery days.

I would often go into the shady cove just near my Aunt’s house in the afternoon during my summer vacations. It was the most prominent fixture, the old mango tree, its crown touching the skies, full of secrets and mystery. I enjoyed my time there, often alone.

It was an ordinary day, as I made my way to the mango tree. It was unusually quiet, the birds seemed to have lost their voices and the crickets were not chirping. As I stood underneath the tree, I noticed a rope hanging from one of the branches. Intrigued, I tried to jump up and catch hold of it. I don’t know till this day, how my hand got caught in the loop of the rope. I was swiftly hoisted up the entire length of the tree till the top.

I cried and shouted to no avail.

My family searched long and hard for me. I failed to understand how they missed noticing me. I was in plain view.

Anyway, the mango tree talks to me, keeps me company. I am a ghost now, having given up the body in despair and agony. Come and sit in the shade. There are many more like me, so there is no dearth of company. Will you join us? I am sure the mango tree will find a way.

Komal Gupta

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