Carpe Diem: A poem by Julian Sujendran

  Today is our’s, is there a better way of saying it?
  Seize the moment at your disposal, never procrastinate it.
  Time and tide wait for no man, do everything that you can.
  Revel in the moment, the next is redundant.
  Opportunity knocks only once, grab the only chance.
  There’s never anything like now, let not your question be how?
  It’s offered on a platter, putting it off would be a disaster.
  It’s within your grasp, never let go that firm clasp.
  The present is a reality, the future, uncertainty.
  Look for the moment now, tomorrow may not come.
  One step at a time, as long as it is fine.
  The tasks set aside for the morrow,  could perhaps end up with sorrow.
  The present is all we see, just set your hearts at glee.
  The sun may rise at morn, but your life may be forlorn.
  Just grab the opportunity now, who knows for how long?
  It’s a moment to rejoice, there’s never another chance.
  It’s a folly to delay when you can rightly relay.
  A second lost is like an opportunity missed, perhaps your life may not exist.
  It’s the moment to rejoice, have you yet another choice?
  Hence set aside your sorrow, and live like there’s no tomorrow.