Bygone Days: A Poem by Mumtaz Khorakiwala

If I were granted the boon to visit yesterday,
Into its fading shadows, I’d slink back.
And I’d begin to capture faint memories,
That time has engulfed:
My pen that was poised then,
Would regain life, it would furiously write,
About bygone days spent in insouciance;
No more would I get lost in chaos and strife.
Probably, I’d whisper a dozen or more words of care
Into those numb ears that hear no more,
(Today there’s not a chance, of a quiver in response.)
Some leisurely moments I’d grant myself,
And urge myself to stroll with those dear ones
Long gone, disappeared into the mists of Time.
We’d saunter, ramble, wend our ways through listless scapes,
Narrow old alleys until we chanced upon a woody retreat
And then we’d seat ourselves on Nature’s perch.
An evening, I’d spend listening to their yarns.
And hand over this treasure trove
To posterity and curious open-mouthed bairns.