The path to success is paved with stones,

With hardships, trials, and unknowns.

It takes courage to press on,

To rise above and remain strong.

We cannot do it all alone,

We need guidance from those who’ve grown.

But we must also trust our own power,

To make decisions and climb higher.

Challenges may seem like a curse,

But they teach us and make us learn.

With perseverance and a positive mind,

We can conquer any mountain we find.

So let us rise and take action,

With patience, persistence, and determination.

For in the face of fear and strife,

We can become the heroes of our own life.

Through trials faced, and mountains climbed,

You’ll find the strength within your mind,

So take your stand, unyielding, true,

Braveheart, the world is waiting for you

Razi Tahir ✍️