Book of life: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Today I flipped the pages of my book of life
Despondently I turned to its very last page
I placed my trembling hand on it momentarily 
And there was an alien feeling, so strange 

My heart was laden with emotions repressed
With a deep breath I let out a resigned sigh
There seemed to be some kind of commotion within
To undesirable things perhaps it was time to say goodbye 

Another chapter of my life was getting over
And the way ahead wasn’t going to be any easy 
Bitter sweet memories flooded my fragile mind
Leaving my otherwise impassive eyes slightly misty

It has been a journey I would fondly remember
With precious memories that will be forever treasured
I shall hold them close to my forlorn heart 
And reminisce tenderly over them at complete leisure

Hurdles and obstacles had been aplenty 
And milestones achieved at every step as well
Dreams shattered and hopes that kept reigning 
But there wasn’t any respite for me to ever dwell

A few precious people did cross my path 
Who along the way left a deep impression on me
Some taught me lessons as harsh truth of life

Now perhaps it was going to be a lonely journey