Blushing Bride: A Poem by Amita Raj

(Acrostic Poem)

Beguiling bride’s in dazzling silk sari of red
Laughter around her opulently outspread
Ushers in that sacred ceremony of fire
Soaring like her every future hope and desire
He, the bridegroom of course adores her family wealth
Instilled in him to achieve with charm and stealth
New yet to his connivances is she, shy blushing bride
Glistening like a tender bud fragrantly in her palanquin ride
Burgeoning are her hopes in her garden of dreams
Ravished soon though she’ll be by his greed in burning screams
It is alas again another marriage in an ironic design of fate
Drawing blood’s hues instead of vermillion on destiny’s slate!
Even gods among celestial stars will weep, what’s here to celebrate?