Bioscope : A poem by Princess Lubna

All children love bioscope show
Children as small as three or low
Saving money to watch the show
On weekends at a fair below

“Today is Saturday,” said Ram 
“Let’s go to the fair near the dam”
In the evening four friends went to the fair
They walked up to the hill in pairs

Atop the hill, they pointed at the fair in glee 
Leaving behind fatso Gaurav they flee 
Breathless they reached on time 
Bioscope man was cleaning away the grime

“Come boys the show is about to begin”
All four took their position
Colorful pictures of people and countryside
Historical moments, nature, animals and birds 

Seven wonders of our world 
One by one the pictures whirled 
Each picture a wondrous sight
Bioscope for children a delight