Bioscope: A poem by Omar Nassar

           Peeping into the bioscope
              whenever it’s showing
               excited kids who love
                     the thrilling fun…
          With parents by their sides
             the kids joyfully scream
             enjoying a holiday treat
             with yummy ice-cream…
                      Ever so happy
              enjoying a village show
             where operators shrewd
                avoid all scenes lewd…
            As the kids’ imaginations
         with every thrilling landscape
          of lovely scenes of big cities
          and villages in rainbow hues…
        Baboons and buffoons swing
         and dance while parrots sing
         from whence memory clings
      of fairies and Angels with wings…
          And it’s a lucrative business
         that offers great happiness
             to joyful kids who relax
            without T. V. and Cinem