Beyond the Clouds: A poem by Sampurna Chatterjee Ganguly

Look! The sky embraces effulgent colors of the rainbow after the day of its tears is gone,
The pearly dew drops dance on the leaves by the immaculate rays of the sun.
The faucet runs with ups ‘nd downs in ebb and tide,
Behind every darkness, there’s a day bright.
So why the wait?
Unchain your mind and go beyond the cloud,
Live in freedom, make yourself proud.
See, the flamingo or the pigeon fly o’er the clouds kissing the zephyrs,
They know not to be caged, know not the fetters.
Fly beyond the clouds like them for the sky is yours,
Live every moment, life is yours.
When life opens so many avenues despite oddity,
Useless to write your fate in woe and misery.
Even a sheaf of life lits the Stygian tunnel of pessimism,
Look around and have the flavor of optimism.
Soar beyond the clouds, give your wings a try,
Know for sure your freedom can’t be a lie.
Break the bars of failure and embolden your soul to be free,

Live to love and love to live your life spree.