Beauty of Simplicity: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

Appearances are deceptive, never go by what you see,

Outward beauty may draw you instantly
Alas! to realize all that glitters is not gold.
Past your youthful exuberance, the shine, and glitter fades away
Life in general, people, in particular, are less tolerant each passing day!
Life is beautiful and heavenly, the beauty lies in its simplicity
With no strings attached and devoid of artificiality.
A toothless smile of a child is what it takes the world to know
Any amount of ornament, numerous layers of makeup
Rich satins enhanced the glamour and done up face
Never ever be a substitute to that angelic grace!
Sad that the world is losing its sensitivity and attraction
Dumping that inward charm under heavy makeup n pretension
Nothing is more beautiful than -the shine of dew drops on rose petals
A lady balancing a water pot, sweat beads on forehead giggle
Grandpa reciting nursery rhymes n grandma dancing to the tune
What is more refreshing to see so much beauty around you. 
Why…Why run behind a mirage and surrender to life’s atrocity
The beauty of simplicity is a lesson to be taught early in life …
Beauty is ageless and timeless in its simplicity!