Beauty of Love: A Poem by Ritu Kamra Kumar

Eternal love has no reason or season to celebrate
In Its lure and longings lovers perennially meditate

Always he looks into her beautiful eyes
Deer like and get mesmerized
Embrace her in his arms
Aww! Both drench in warmth

Unmindful of shy glances of onlookers
They swirl in the breeze of emotions
Bathe in the waters of the surging ocean
Hues of love get dipped in the paint of elation

He kisses her forehead in mirth and bliss
Waves and ripples lock-in passionate kiss
Flame of love burn like a pious fire
Intense love intertwined in the heart’s desire

A rapturous symphony fills air with love
Stars and moon bless the lovers from above
Behold! Beauty of love! how Lovers hold each other’s heart
Lost in the depth of emotions they make a new start.