“Save me” – Acrylic on canvas, by Dr. Aparna Pradhan

In the words of artist:

Tigers are an endangered species and are on the brink of extinction. There is a real threat of losing this magnificent animal forever. This painting was made to create awareness and raise funds to Save Tigers.   It will be sent for raising funds for the Save Tiger campaign.


An Offbeat Vista- An acrylic painting by Maalyaa Sethia


“Beauty of Nature”- An oil painting by Staffy Bhateja

In the words of artist:

This painting depicts the abundance that nature offers us. The hut on the bank of the river, the orangish- yellow trees, the boat, the white flowers, the ducks in the water, all depict the serenity of nature. On seeing the scenery, one wishes to escape from the hustle – bustle of daily life and settle down here.

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