Artistic Streak


The above artworks have been created by PoD children


I want to Own the Sky

Give me your wings
I need them to fly
To fulfill some imperfect dreams
And to soar very high

You protect and shield me
As in your loving embrace I lie
The confidence you instill in me
Makes me vivacious and spry

You seem nervous and edgy
As the days of my freedom draw nigh
I give you a look of assurance
In great worry as you sigh !

I may fade into oblivion
If I don’t once try
Liberty and my pride
To me the world may deny

Fallen and wounded million times
Has left me broken and shy
Just to show I exist
Once more I need to touch the sky

Borrowed wings may wither
And fall off as they die
I may fall often
But shall rise again as life goes by

I seek your love today
With all the freedom it brings
Capture all my fears O Mother!
Under your mighty wings

Help me rise as I may fall
Be my strength as I crumble
To wind and rain I may fall prey
Sail me through my struggle

Just give me your wings
So that once I can fly
Or teach me to fly with broken wings
I want to own the sky

Nisha Tandon