Anchorless: A Poem by Neha Gupta

Some desires I cremated and some cremated me
Yet the solace I seek was nowhere near me
My breathing and beating heart hid countless scars
The loneliness rooted in me deeply, never to part

My evenings are like tunnels unfathomable yet dull
Lit by the flames of my agitation; I, burning as the fuel
I wander like a ghost amid my own surroundings
Chasing the glittering shadows like a slave of my yearnings

I was anchored with your love, even in the stormiest of days
Now I flounder thousand times, in all possible ways
Every squall of wind hurls me hopelessly
To saunter, in the search of anchor in the ocean horizonless

The entice of temporary pleasure crushing my fidelity
The shallow I, turn outwards in search of some solidity
All in vain, never to find what my heart desires
It once bore it, yes, the innocence from you it acquired

My love, my faith, would you let me settle again in your arms
To fill my heart with true felicity, without a trace of illusionary charm
Taking each step aimlessly away from you, I rip my soul apart
Would you, my dear, mend my soul and embrace my wandering heart