An Ode to Pain


“Dukh Daru Sukh Rog Bhaya” 

These lines from Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji eloquently state how pain heals a mortal being and his soul.

Pain can never be defined in pleasant terms as per society, or mundane reflections. But when we look at it closely, it is a precious gem which initiates the process of purification of thoughts, heart and character. It is a furnace of acute suffering which ultimately leads to metamorphosis of disposition and philosophy of life.

Pain makes you more humane as happiness makes you more sinister and tyrant with its intoxicating and trance effects. Pain is the gift of God to comprehend life deeply. It is an experience which brings sagacity, shatters glass of illusion and makes you inclusive in the realm of those exceptional people who believe to balm the suffering human race.

Advancement of soul and character, and healing of the deep-seated unresolved issues can only be liberated when you understand pain and its myriad experiences. It chisels humanity in a person and makes him a better individual in all the spheres of his life. Only a good human being with virtue has the full potential to be the best in whatever endeavor he undertakes.

Pain is universal, it initiates brotherhood, and it fosters bonds. It makes one a saint not in a conventional manner but in the true sense of the word. You can heal the world only by understanding the pain of others. This is the purest virtue. History has witnessed how pain has always put the entire mankind on the common platform whether it was brutal executions of the people in war, or pain inflicted to an individual. Pain if channelized constructively can open channels of justice and virtue in the society.

Pain leads to discovery of oneself. It is that elixir which breaks and annihilates ego, and an enlightened Buddha is born to spread the word of forgiveness and peace in the world. One can acquire Knowledge, Wisdom and Freedom from one’s ever perplexing mind and life. Pain is a panacea to heal the open wounds of one’s life. It is a gateway to nirvana, and liberation from worldly attachments and illusions. It is equivalent to a realization and the truth of life and its mundane affairs.

Rupinder Kaur