An Ode to My Father


In the quiet void they left behind,

A vacuum deep, an empty mind.

Whispers linger in the silent air,

Gone, yet their presence everywhere.


Memories echo in the heart’s abyss,

Aching for the warmth of a familiar kiss.

The world spins on, but a part is gone,

Leaving shadows where the light once shone.


Cherished moments, woven with love,

Now unravel, as tears push and shove.

The ache persists, a relentless sea,

Yearning for a touch that used to be.


In the cosmic dance of life and death,

A vacancy formed, stealing breath.

Yet, within the void, resilience may bloom,

As memories cast a gentle, comforting gloom.


In the journey of life, it may be a break,

The love endures, a solace to take.

A vacuum lingers, a poignant space,

Yet in our hearts, their spirit finds a place.


Latha Warrier

P.S. This is an ode to my ever-loving father who left us to attain heavenly abode.