An Interview with Princess Lubna Ahmed


Princess Lubna Ahmed
Who or what inspired you to embark on your own journey in the world of arts?
I have always been an art enthusiast since my school days. I was an expert in drawing diagrams in my science projects, excelling in biology, plants & animals so much so that my friends requested me to draw for them as well. I also had an eye for art and whenever I visited an exhibition abroad I was immensely drawn to the classic paintings of the Masters in Art, and later I was to learn that it was one of a well known, famous painting. I admired Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, and Monet’s painting early on. I was inspired by these extraordinary artists.
Have you studied arts or obtained formal training in it?
I am a certified Master NLP (Neurological Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, NLP Workshop Facilitator, Soft Skills trainer and conduct art therapy workshops.
No, I did not study art nor did I have any formal/ professional training. I did a short course from NIFD Chandigarh in which painting was also a subject. It was during this course I realized that I have an inclination in Oil & Acrylic painting. I have bought several DIY (Do it yourself) art books and have taken inspiration from them. I am a self-taught artist. I create art from my heart.
Describe your art style.
I love painting Indian village women. I started with abstract art and mixed media paintings on big canvas boards 3 X 4 feet 5 X 4 feet. I have been creating art in various forms and have covered all nine yards in art: Pencil sketching, Charcoal sketching, Watercolors, Oils, and Acrylics throughout my life. The majority of my abstract works are figurative, which are inspired by the life around us. I like to use bright colors.
For how many years have you practiced your art, and have you had to overcome any hurdles on the way?
It has been more than a decade of my practicing art. It started at school, then as a hobby, indulging in various forms over the years learning all along the way. No there were no hurdles in pursuing my interest in art. I was fortunate to visit museums all over the world and learning from each visit. My most memorable visit, was in 80’s at the Louvre museum in Paris. I was mesmerized by the huge size of the paintings. The much protected Mona Lisa painting was truly a masterpiece.
What memorable responses have you had to your work?  
At the ALS Art exhibition early this year I was ecstatic to have my paintings displayed and appreciated. I have my paintings adorning the walls in all the rooms at my home. The unbelievable response and appreciative reactions of the eminent guests delighted me. My friends encourage me to be more serious at my art.
What do you aim to achieve in the future? 
Painting for me is like life, constant movement, and positive vibrations. I feel that when one feels low, exhausted and without energy all one needs is a brush, canvas, and paint for peace and health. Painting is like catharsis leading to tranquility and relaxation. Many times my creations are cathartic, allowing emotions to spill out onto my canvas as a release. I conduct art therapy workshops which calms children with hyperactive tendency. I plan to create more art therapy workshops for all age groups.
Is there any specific area you now wish to explore?
It was only recently, in fact, last year, I started participating in exhibitions. I have accumulated many paintings of various art genres. In the digital age I would like to present my creations in online art forums along with exhibiting in prominent art galleries.
What would you advise youngsters inclined towards the arts? 
If one is inclined towards arts of any form, visual, aesthetic classic, tribal, murals, or any other.  One must focus solely on their area of interest. Take professional training to learn the concept. Practicing is very important until one is adept to showcase their artwork.
Princess Lubna Ahmed’s Artworks